Indian Takeout Quincy

Order your platter of Indian food with us

Enjoying Indian food while you stay abroad is a great experience and it adds on to be much better when it is authentic Indian food that is offered in your platter. The aroma and essence of Indian cuisine will win your heart through the way of your stomach. Get ready to indulge yourself in this sumptuous journey with us at Sher-A-Punjab.

Our restaurant offers Indian takeout at Quincy and bids an overwhelming experience for the customers as it has a cozy interior along with welcoming staffs who extend their help customers for choosing the best platter for a customer and address to any query related to food and services. When everything in the restaurant is so soothing and then it is topped with flavorful food then the experience becomes worth remembering. Our chefs who have especially come here from India possess expertise in Indian cuisine and strive to deliver their best in every platter. Their excellent work is nothing less than art. When the spices generously mix with the meat and rice and are then cooked in closed utensils in low flame for hours, it makes the best biryani in town. Whatever be your choice, be it snacks, desserts, hand-rolled bread, rice cooked in different flavors or just steamed rice along with different recipes of fish, chicken, and lamb or vegetables cooked with flavorful spices, something or the other will definitely make its place in your order.