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Indian gourmet food in Boston

Find your true indulgence for Indian cuisine at Boston in Sher-A-Punjab. We are a gourmet Indian food restaurant that offers every patter with excellence. We stand out of the crowd and is counted amongst the best Indian restaurant in Boston as we care for three things, best food, good behavior, and customer satisfaction. So when you crave for Indian cuisine in Boston, think about us and visit our restaurant, you will be amazed by the warm atmosphere of the restaurant which is topped with a welcoming approach of our staffs.

We serve the best and gourmet Indian dishes that are sure to win your heart. You will be amazed to see our menu as we offer a wide variety of food from every corner of India. Our menu is influenced by the different culture of India and is varied in nature. You will correlate with the authentic taste of the recipe as we strive for keeping the recipe as original as possible.

Visit our restaurant in Boston with your friends and family and enjoy your food over a great time that you spent here with us. You can also order with us online if you want to get your food at your convenience. We also conduct a home delivery service in Boston. Whatever be the means of connecting us with our customers, we strive to deliver our best as we put our best efforts to serve our customers with specialty food and wholesome experience.