Indian Food Boston

Do you crave for Indian fast foods?

Indian street food or fast food has always made a place of its own in the hearts of food lovers. Indian fast food is very different from the western platter that serve fast food like pizza, burger, sandwich etc. In every nooks and corner in India you will manage to find stalls selling some chat items which can be termed as fast foods. These are mostly deep-fried items such as Samosa, Panipuri, Papri chat etc. along with the fried counterparts they are served with flavors like curd, lenticels and a different mix of herbs and spices which makes them tangy and sumptuous.

Now you can enjoy all these from the comfort of your home as we are a fast online Indian food delivery in Boston. Sher-A-Punjab is a well-known name when it comes to Indian cuisine, be it main course of chats we always make to the top list. Our specialty in drinks is Lassi which we serve in different flavors like salty, sweet and mango flavor. We are a reputed name when it comes to hand-made bread such as Naan, Lachha Paratha, Rumali Roti, Tandoori Roti etc. We take care of your taste buds and craft dishes which has a combination of traditional richness and modern techniques. You can now order online Indian food in Boston form our online menu and we promise to deliver our best tastes at your convenience.