Punjab Cafe

Find the best café style restaurant that offers North Indian food

Sipping on a cup of coffee for hours with chatting with friends is a normal scenario in India where coffee or tea is served with piping hot deep fried snacks and not biscuits. But this scene is a bit rare when you live in Boston. With foreign culture and attitude settling within us, we manage to go with the flow, but somewhere in our heart we stay attached to our roots.

Sher-A-Punjab fulfills your wish to find a Punjab café in Boston. You get the feel and the food which makes your dream come alive. You can sit at our restaurants for hours with your friends and family over a meal or even a chit chat over coffee along with your favorite Indian snacks. We offer BhelPuri, Papri chat, samosa, and many other mouthwatering snacks items that will make your day. Our samosas have the best stuffing with mashed potatoes cooked with herbs and spices along with green peas. The outer cover gives that crunch to your every bite while it is tender from inside.

Indian sweets have got no competition. If you are a sweet lover then also try our gulab jamuns which are served hot and gajar ka halwa which shows our love towards clarified butter or ghee. Indulge in your favorite food and experience happiness and contentment from within.